• There is no warranty on merchandise sold to your customers.
  • To report a manufacturing defect, email us with your order number, the item number, and the nature of the defect.
    Our email address is
    All merchandise is examined by a picker and a packer before shipment.
    Is not damaged when it leaves our warehouse.


  • Defects must be claimed within two (2) business days of delivery. If the merchandise has not been worn.
  • Email us your invoice number, customer PO number, a phone number to contact you with and a list of damaged items.
    For each item, describe the damage that has occurred to the item.
    Our email address is
  • Keep the shipment packaging in case the shipping company wants to inspect it.
  • When you email the damage information to us, we will file a claim with the shipping company and exchange the item.
  • We may ask for the damage merchandise to be returned.
    If we do so, we will provide additional instructions to you


  • Discrepancies with orders must be reported within two (2) business days of delivery.
  • Double check your shipment against the invoice included with your shipment. This shows what was shipped with your order and what you were charged.
  • Double check all packaging inside the box.
  • After you recheck the packaging for the order, email us your Customer PO, Invoice Number, Contact Information, and each item that is missing or shipped in error.
    Our email address is
  • When we receive this information, we will check the picking and packing paperwork for the order.
  • After we compare the paper work with the information you provide, we will contact you to resolve your problem.


  • Registration is required to order.
    Click Sign Up and fill out the form to become a registered customer.


  • Images are taken with a high quality, digital camera.
  • All pictures are from stock and no touchups are made.
  • The images are reviewed for accuracy before being placed on the website.
  • Every computer has different color settings.
    We are not responsible for the color settings on your system.
  • The text description should be given more weight when considering ordering an item than the shades of color in the image.
  • Slight differences in color hue between the website and the physical item is possible. This is not grounds for returning the item.
  • Major differences in color between the website and the physical item or wrong picture for the item is a mistake.
    Please notify us immediately. Our email address is


This is a list of payments we accept:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • PayPal


  • All orders are prepaid.
  • We do not offer any open terms.
  • We do not ship COD.
  • We do not offer any credit accounts.


  • It is very important that you type the correct billing address into our website for this check.
  • The website will decline your card if the address does not match the address stored at your bank.
    First time credit card orders must be sent to the billing address.
  • Many international banks do not support the address verification system used in the US
    If we cannot verify your international credit card, you will have to pay with an alternate method.


  • All PayPal orders are address verified.
    To do this, we send the shipping address you list to PayPal. PayPal will tell us if the address is confirmed.
  • A "confirmed" address is not the same as being a "verified" member of PayPal.
  • It is very important that the shipping address on our website match the address in PayPal exactly.
  • The website will give you a warning if your PayPal does not recognize the address.
  • First time customers paying with PayPal must have an address that is Confirmed by PayPal.


  • Shipping and handling cost is quoted during checkout and depends on weight, service level, and destination.
    Make sure your shipping address is correct before finishing your order.
    Errors will cause the package to be shipped to the wrong location and give you an invalid shipping quote.
  • There is a $11.00 charge for changing the shipping address.
  • Service rate when you checkout.
  • Shipping times can be estimated by using the USPS website


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